Blessed Beyond Belief

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In Memory Of.......

Gina Bauman

Founder of Blessed Beyond Belief

April 10, 1971 - December 20, 2018

  As I sat down to write, tears filled my eyes as memories flooded my mind of the many times Gina listened without judgment, taught with boldness and without apology, offered encouragement and godly, biblical advice on marriage and family, and always - always pointed me to Jesus! Her smile lit up the room and she was a friend to anyone she met ... and she loved big! Here's some of the sentiments from the lives she touched in her short 47 years ...

"Gina, you were such an amazing, beautiful, and bold person, who was full of so much love. Even in your last days, you thought of others first. It was such a pleasure to work with you at Gladewater, heave heartfelt Bible studies together, and being your friend. I will never forget the day I was in my classroom crying and you were there to comfort me. I will treasure that in my heart always. You always encouraged and challenged me to be the best Christian I can be. I will truly miss you, but I know you are with Jesus and there's no place you'd rather be... I will see you again." -Beth

I will miss you, you where my favorite teacher, you always had a smile on your face. -Katelynn

Gina and I were walking buddies. She was with me when I met my beloved stray dog. She advised me spiritually, and I considered her to be a mentor. She touched the lives of so many and will continue through the light that Christ shined through her. She was so beautiful ... absolutely beautiful. -Love you, Rita

Thank you for loving me right where I was Gina! -Christina

Jessica Thompson

November 15, 2016 was the day the light in our hearts went out for our entire family.  The phone call that we received was the beginning of the worst nightmare anybody could imagine.  My precious daughter, Jessica Michelle Thompson and her two children, Jaydon and Leah Thompson, were traveling back home when they were struck head on by a truck driver under the influence of drugs. The 2011 box truck was no match for the Ford 500 4-door sedan Jessica was driving. Jessica and Leah were immediately taken home to be with Jesus.. The person responsible for the accident was immediately arrested and is awaiting trial at this time.  Jaydon was life flighted to a local hospital where he would pass away days later. Jaydon's daddy discussed the option of organ donation and we all agreed that this incident would represent an ending for us, but a new beginning for other children who could go on living. Jaydon was able to save several lives through this gift.  The blessings and the story of Jessica, Leah, and Jaydon became torture for me at the moment I found out they were all in heaven.  

Jessica has a wonderful husband, Joey,  who is also the father to their two children. Joey and Jessica had decided to move to Kansas with the hopes of living bigger dreams and being close to friends for a couple of years. Jessica was a daughter, wife, mom, best friend, sister, cousin, aunt and grand daughter to our family. My sweet daughter had fought her demons like many people, but Jesus was the light in her heart.  Over the last two years we could truly see His light all over - her from head to toes.  She was beautiful and had a heart for giving to many that knew her. She and Joey were so proud of their children.  Everything they did was to provide a better future for them. She was so funny and had a sassy attitude. Leah was just like her momma. Leah loved to dress up and sing. Jaydon was an absolute angel on earth. He was the sweetest little boy and always so loving. Jaydon and Leah truly had a caring brother and sister relationship. They played together a lot and shared their toys most of the time. Joey has lost his whole family. We have lost our daughter and grandkids in one man's choice/sin.  

How could this happen is the question always asked? We are bible-believing Christians, but in that moment you question everything. My belief is the wreck/criminal act was Satan, BUT GOD has won the war because they didn't have pain.  Death was instant. Jesus was ready with arms wide open for His children.  She often said to me that she was concerned about this world we live in and raising her children in it. Now, they are in heaven and living eternal life. We will see them again!  

Since this tragedy, I have studied the bible looking for answers and this is what I have to say at this time about death:

Jessica, Jaydon and Leah were immediately in the presence of Jesus, the way it was intended.  We just never know how or when that time will come. Jessica lived the last two years of her life with Jesus in her heart and was ready to be in His presence.  As a mother, the hole in my heart will forever be there. As a grand.So many things had been said to me by her, she had never said before. Videos she recorded, pictures she sent are of the most precious priceless rewards we have been left with. We were blessed to have had Jessica 26 yrs, Jaydon 6 yrs and Leah 5 yrs.  We miss them every second of everyday. This scripture is a bittersweet one. Psalm 139:16 "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be". Please continue to pray for our family as we get used to new life with out them here with us every day. In Loving Memory of Jessica, Jaydon and Leah Thompson. Gone but never forgotten. 

Living through his grace and mercy daily,  

Jessica's Mom, Michelle Murdock Martin

Mary Massoletti

I thought off and on for months about what I would say about my mother-in-law, Mary Massoletti.  She was so very precious to myself, as well as to Blessed Beyond Belief Ministries.

Mary was a beautiful soul that taught me a lot about life.  She was very artistic-minded and was able to see the beauty in everything...Even in a rock! LOL!  We would be walking along and she would see a plain old rock and just gush about how beautiful it was.  I loved seeing the world through her eyes.  When God gave me Mary for a mother-in-law He outdid Himself.  

She was a true blessing! About 20 years ago, Mary came to know the Lord Jesus as her savior.  She was the perfect example of a new creation from 1st Corinthians 5:17. Her love for Jesus grew and grew and she became such an encouragement to so many people and was always concerned about the salvation of the people she came in contact with, especially her family.  Mary was such a bright spot at our retreats! Even when she wasn't feeling well, and going through chemo for lung cancer, she was always faithful to be there!  I know that all of the ladies are missing her so much at our retreats. Especially Sandy Allen! They were always bunk mates.  I am so thankful that she was always a special part of this ministry. 

~Gina Bauman~